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Cannabis—Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues


National Accreditations for Multiple Health Care Professions

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Evolving cannabis legalization across the United States and globally is changing the way individuals live with these new laws. While cannabis is still illegal at the U.S. federal level, hemp and its extractions (such as cannabidiol, or CBD) are legal. Cannabis consumers and their reasons for using cannabis are diverse, and they challenge the stereotypes typically associated with cannabis use. While cannabis laws are evolving, there are still social, ethical, and legal issues associated with its use that present both challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers, legislators, as well as employers, and employees of all industries.

The outcome of this course is for the learner to identify key state and federal laws related to the use of cannabis, identify key demographic characteristics of cannabis users, and explain issues related to cannabis as it affects healthcare, employment, social justice, ethics, and legislative advocacy.


Course Objectives:
  1. Identify state and federal laws and policies related to the use of cannabis.
  2. Describe demographic characteristics of cannabis users.
  3. State practice issues for healthcare providers.
  4. Explain issues related to employment and cannabis testing for employers and employees, including legal and ethical considerations.
  5. Identify social and health implications of cannabis use.
  6. State social justice issues related to cannabis.
  7. Identify legislative tools for advocacy.


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