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Aromatherapy: The Healing Power Of Scent


National Accreditations for Multiple Health Care Professions

Accepted in all 50 States

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Aromatherapy is a complementary and alternative therapy that uses essential oils to promote both physical and psychological health. It is often used in conjunction with massage, meditation, and other therapies to achieve healing.

Aromatherapy has gained in popularity in recent years, and clinical aromatherapy (the use of specific essential oils for the prevention and treatment of health conditions) is being incorporated into treatment plans by naturopathic physicians, medical doctors, registered nurses, licensed massage therapists, and licensed acupuncturists as well as other health care providers.


Course Objectives:

  1. Define aromatherapy.
  2. Describe the historical use of fragrance and aromatherapy for healing.
  3. Describe how essential oils are absorbed into the body.
  4. Examine methods of essential oil extraction.
  5. Describe methods of essential oil application.
  6. Describe the clinical effects of essential oils using a body systems approach.
  7. Examine evidence-based clinical research regarding the use of aromatherapy for specific conditions.
  8. Discuss safety issues and contraindications in aromatherapy use.
  9. Discuss training and education for aromatherapists.
  10. Describe the key elements of some of the most common essential oil monographs.


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